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The Institute of Precision Engineering (IPE) is established in 2005 and is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the research and development of precision engineering.

Precision engineering refers to the science and technology of designing and manufacturing precision engineering parts, machines and systems. Today, precision engineering is related to many industries ranging from tradition mechanical engineering, electronics engineering to energy and environment. We have established strong ties with industry. They provide problems and we offer solutions.


The mission of IPE is to invent and develop new and able technologies in precision engineering for the well-being of the mankind.


X Become a leading precision engineering research center in the world;
X Help our industry partners to develop precision engineering products, devices and systems;
X Invent and develop new technologies for precision engineering and other areas, such as mechanical and electronics manufacturing, biomedical engineering, optics engineering, energy and environment.


In response to the request from the industry, it is our pleasure to offer our service to design and manufacturing mechanical movements, biomedical instruments and other precision engineering systems. The rates are as
(a) Design: $300 / hour
(b) Manufacturing: $300 / hour, excluding materials (a list of our
equipment is shown in (http://www.ipe.cuhk.edu.hk/equipment.html)
(c) Clean room manufacturing: $1500 / hour, excluding materials (a list of
our equipment is shown in (http://www.ipe.cuhk.edu.hk/equipment.html)
The minimum order is $30,000 and the order exceed $300,000 will have a volume discount of 10%.