Annual Report

  1. IPE 2006 Annual Report

  2. IPE 2007 Annual Report

  3. IPE 2008 Annual Report

  4. IPE 2010 Annual Report

  5. IPE 2012 Annual Report

  6. IPE 2013 Annual Report

    Selected Presentations

  1. Non-smooth Dynamics, Mr. Y. Fu

  2. Renewable Energy - What Can We Do, Dr. Chi Yong

  3. Carbon Nanotube-A New Era, Dr. Jia Falong

  4. At the Heart of Wii, Dr. Guo Yuhua

  5. Vibration Pervades Everywhere, Dr. He Qingbo

  6. Bring Me to the Moon, Zhang Peng

  7. John Parsons, A Master of Manufacturing

  8. Online Monitoring System of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes, Dr. Xu Hongkui

  9. Functions of Watches, Segovia Leung

  10. Thermal Effects in Micro Scales, Zhang Peng

  11. Sarajevo's Romeo and Juliet , Sunny Chan

  12. Photosynthesis and Artificial Photosynthesis, Qi Huijie

  13. Adhesion Simulation Analysis Between Biomemeticgecko Adhesion Array and Rough Surface, Fang Yimin

  14. A Brief Introduction of Manufacturing, Dr. Jing Weixuan

  15. Modern Thermodynamics, Zhang Peng